Heart Project

Meet & Greet the HEARTers!️

The HEART project just kicked-off in March 2021 in eight European countries, with 19 partners from different fields of expertise: health, academia, urban planning, social studies, technological and innovation-oriented, along with cities’ officials’ representatives.

We are fully aware that European and international cities face major global geopolitical, economic, climate, and other changes. All these intensify inequalities in health due to several factors such as living conditions, health-related behavior, education, occupation, and income. Urban areas are under huge pressure to enhance policies to become more sustainable and liveable, as well as to provide environments and social fabric that support Public Health (PH) and Wellbeing (WB).

This is where the HEART kicks in: we are altering the conventional approach to urban planning and revitalization, based mostly on profit criteria with routine methodologies, to integrated nature-based methods and concepts with emphasis on health, societal and environmental aspects. To achieve this, HEART aims to engage local communities to map the needs and challenges so that delivered solutions are embraced by the citizens.

Stay tuned!

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