Heart Project

EnPlus d.o.o


EnPlus is consulting company specialized in sustainable planning and optimization of cities, districts and independent buildings. Its activities are centered equally around commercial consultancy and research activities related to practical projects. To obtain the best results and mitigate standard urban planning shortcomings, EnPlus has developed an original systematic approach towards urban planning. The urban planning tools developed during 15 years of participation in the construction industry around the world are enabling radically different approaches towards the planning process. Systematic analysis of sites, fundamental interaction with a wide array of stakeholders and the public, optimization of solutions based on parametric modeling, all secure high-quality practical results. The company core team is in close cooperation with a panel of world first-class experts in the areas relevant to urban planning. This specific model of operation has proved to be delivering exceptional results in projects all over the world. EnPlus has participated in projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The main EnPlus task is to contribute to the HEART mission is to use the clinical evidence results from the test sites and introduce radical change in the Master Panning mentality. The lack of health-related planning criteria and pre-design systematic analysis in planning process, fragmented design and mentality that deals with problem solving rather than pre-emption is not producing adequate, Nature Based Solutions, and should be corrected.

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