Heart Project

HEART Project in Mišović Magazine

Our DRM team recently published an article about the HEART project in their internal hospital journal “Mišovic Magazine”. The title of the article is “We create healthier cities together” and it tackles the clinical study that is about to start , describing the eligibility criteria, and inviting potential participants to apply for the study via email. Once the applying process is done, the DRM doctors will contact the applicants for their first visit.

This is the 16th edition of the “Mišović Magazine” and can be found in a printed edition in all waiting rooms of the Clinical Hospital Center and it is free, so all their patients and visitors can bring it home and read it with their family members, neighbors etc.

This issue of the magazine also addresses other topics directly or indirectly related to the HEART project such as noise pollution, inflammatory bowel diseases, mental health, healty lifestyles in youth, and many other.

You can read the entire magazine HERE.

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