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HEART Webinar: Designing and Implementing Urban Health Projects

The second HEART webinar, “Designing and Implementing Urban Health Projects: Exploring Impact Assessment Tools and Best Practices” is taking place online on May 25th, 11 AM as part of the European Public Health Week. This webinar will feature expert panelists from Healthy Cities, the City of Bradford, and the Barcelona Public Health Agency who will share their insights and experiences on the best practices for designing and implementing urban health strategies. They will discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with urban health initiatives and will explore existing health impact assessment tools that can facilitate the conception and implementation of such projects.

The importance of integrating health into urban planning strategies has become increasingly evident in recent years. Cities have become epicenters of economic activity, but they can also be breeding grounds for health problems such as air pollution, insufficient green spaces, and lack of access to healthcare. The second HEART webinar is designed to help professionals from various background understand how to strategically design and implement urban health strategies and projects that can make a positive impact on public health.

You can register HERE.

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