Heart Project

HEART’s 4th Plenary Meeting

Heading towards the second reporting period that is, the review meeting after 36 months of the project running, the HEART team had its fourth plenary meeting that took place in Aarhus, Denmark.

The plenary hosts were the Region Midtjylland Rehabilitation Center team, Sigrid Engelbrecht Sjøl, and Claus Løvschall.

On the first day, the team examined the work done and the progress we made through most of our work packages and worked on a plan to further strengthen the ties among our experts and methodologies.

After several presentations on the second day, the consortium was given a curated tour of the water retaining ponds, carefully selected trees and shrubs that benefit people’s health, some rehabilitation park furniture and devices, and the hosts presented some of their community building know-how implemented in the center, connecting both users of the center and the residents from the neighboring apartment buildings.

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