Heart Project

The Horizon IP Scan for Small & Medium Enterprises

The European Commission offers a brand-new, free-of-charge innovation advisory support service for SMEs participating in Horizon 2020 collaborative projects: the Horizon IP Scan.

This customized first-line Intellectual Property support service is specifically designed to support European start-ups and SMEs involved in a new Horizon project. This service is valid in the Grant Preparation phase or the first six months after the project kick-off. For collaborative projects like the HEART, which includes SME partners, those beneficiaries are highly welcome to benefit from this new EC service initiative. The service is offered to individual SMEs in the consortium or (preferably) as a group service to all SMEs involved in the collaborative project.

This service by helping SMEs can also facilitate the smooth exploitation of the project results.
What’s in it for you? The Horizon IP Scan team will help you to:

  • get a clear picture of existing IP brought into the new collaboration;
  • identify potential ways to protect intangible assets;
  • develop a joint IP management and exploitation strategy on consortium level;
  • prevent potential IP conflicts;
  • boost the Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results.

SME participants should apply to the service through the Horizon IP Scan service request form in case of interest.

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