Heart Project

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)


The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest (founded in 1837) and most prestigious Engineering University in Greece. In particular, the collaboration is with the Laboratory of Photogrammetry, Signal Processing & Computer Vision (P-SP-CV Lab.) which performs research in spectral analysis, machine learning, signal processing, machine learning and environmental applications. The involved medical team currently run 9 H2020 projects in the area of medicine and the use of ICT tools for better and personalized medicine. Particularly, the team has developed (a) New ICT tools for diabetic foot monitoring (H2020 Phootonics project) (b) Sensors for humans’ behavioral analysis (H2020 STOP-IT project) (c) Signal processing and machine learning in water quality for improving hygiene and reduces health problems (H2020 Waterspy) (d) Fusion of thermal with RGB data under for different medical/environmental use cases (FP7-Inachus) (e) Hyperspectral image data processing (H2020 Phootonics) (f) Health monitoring of the elderly (FP7 ISISMD project) (g) real-time signal adaptive/tracing algorithms from un-calibrated capturing sensors equipped with technologies that extract geolocations of the detected objects of interest (FP7-SCOVIS project), (h) users’ relevance feedback algorithms (FP7- Polymnia project).

The NTUA team is equipped with capturing devices, such as ultra-high resolution hyper-spectral cameras, thermal cameras, infrared cameras, multi-spectral cameras, many optical cameras for surveillance purposes, 3D laser scanners, structured light scanners, multi-view camera architectures, Time of Flight sensors, for omni-directional analysis, photographic machines of high resolutions, high speed cameras. It also has all the software for processing hyper-spectral data and 3D data and generate 3D models.

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