Heart Project

Amphi International


Amphi company group is a Danish environmental consulting company established in 1993 with about 13 employees with expertise in nature protection, conservation biology & management as well as urban ecology and water management. The company is based in Denmark and has two branches – in Germany and Poland. A French subsidiary is under development. During the last 25 years, Amphi has been working all over Europe with nature restoration and management, EIA, designing mitigation and compensation measures and biodiversity monitoring.

For the last 5 years, the expertise gained in the rural and natural landscapes has been transferred into urban planning. Amphi is involved in several national and international projects in urban stormwater and biodiversity management and restoration, and adaptation of urban space to climate change. It develops, patent and monitors innovative NBS products for biodiversity, sustainable water management and climate adaptation (e.g. Rainwater retention, biodiversity and urban heat island reduction Biowater Climapond and Green Bus Stop Since the late 90-ties, Amphi has implemented 13 EU LIFE NATURE and CLIMATE projects on these topics. The company owns all the equipment necessary for design and implementation (construction) of innovative NBS in urban areas. It has developed and it monitors several NBSs which can be used as reference points for the monitoring activities in HEART.

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