Heart Project

Ministry of Health/National Health Operations Centre


The mission of the Hellenic Ministry of Health (MoH), is the provision of quality healthcare services to the general population in Greece. The National Health Operations Centre (EKEPY), located in Athens, Greece, is a Ministry Department, which comes directly under the Minister of Health and operates 24/7. It was founded in 2004 in preparation for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and ever since it serves as the major supervising and coordinating operational body for the Greek health system. The mission of EKEPY is the supervision and coordination of all healthcare services (public and private) that are responsible for implementing actions dealing with public health emergencies and health in general.

EKEPY is one of the first Emergency Operations Centres in Europe focused on Health and Public Health issues. Furthermore, EKEPY in cooperation with other agencies and organizations has developed the Greek National Operational Plan about Malaria (aka Merope). Also, the Ministry of Health made a remarkable contribution to WHO’s work by assisting the Public Health Emergency Operation Centre Network (EOC-NET) secretariat.


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