Heart Project

Region Midtjylland, Marselisborg Centret


Central Denmark Region (Region Midtjylland) is one of five regions in Denmark. The primary responsibility of the Central Denmark Region is healthcare. This includes being responsible for the nine somatic hospitals and eight psychiatric hospital departments, pre-hospital emergency services, general practitioners, and practicing specialist doctors. The region also operates a number of specialized social care institutions in agreement with local municipalities. The Marselisborg Center is a clinical center, which was established in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality and the Central Denmark Region. The center aims to develop synergies between public and private organizations, as well as institutions from the health, social, and employment areas. Central Denmark Region is also responsible for regional development within the areas of public transport/mobility, education, culture, and environment (soil contamination, groundwater protection, and raw materials planning). To proceed with the clinical studies, the Region will use the Marselisborg Center that contributes to developing rehabilitation from a local, regional, national and international perspective. Through the overall work of the organizations/partners present, the center creates a link between the field of practice and Research and Development activities in a multidisciplinary perspective.

Region Midtjylland through the Marselisborg Center will take a part in the clinical studies for the selected diseases. They will provide the user requirements for the demonstration site in Aarhus while identifying the area and the BGS to study, and finally, they will evaluate and assess the results.


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