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8-10 November

Science and practice for human and planetary health meet at the European Green Capital – November 8-10 2021, Lahti, Finland

This Conference will bring together researchers, decision-makers, and stakeholders from the environmental, health, and other sectors. Appropriately, it will take place in Lahti, the European Green Capital in 2021. It follows on from The Helsinki Planetary Health Conference in 2019 and will continue in the spirit of the Helsinki Declaration in emphasizing the urgency for action.

The Conference will focus on how human health and the health of the planet are closely connected and what can be done to protect and enhance both. There can be no doubt that decisions and actions are needed: Climate change, biodiversity loss, and most recently the Covid-19 pandemic are profoundly changing the planet and the way people live on it.

Pragmatic solutions to prevent, or more often mitigate, the effects on planetary health are essential. Sustainable food production, water management, urban planning, understanding the health benefits of nature and informed citizens are all fundamental in moving pertinent agendas forward.

With these global chal­lenges firmly in mind, the aims of this conference are:

  1. To discuss the scientific challenges of transdisciplinary research in environmental and medical sciences.
  1. To present solutions supporting public health and respecting planetary boundaries
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