Chat-Bot Tool

Relies on outcomes and know-how gained from chatbots that have been implemented by RISA for research and commercial projects in different application areas, e.g. in the energy efficiency domain.

The potential of chatbots in health applications is vast and it has not been explored yet. There’s a huge opportunity in terms of providing conversational services in order to create awareness and help patients discover new ways of improving their personal health and their quality of life. The conversational interface will be an innovation itself to communicate with users (patients and citizens), as it is a more engaging and attractive way of getting the message across. Citizens are bombarded with thousands of various messages every day, so people are less sensitive to any kind of message from an institution, or a corporation. So, rather than one-way communication, HEART will try to understand citizens’/patients’ situations and come up with customized solutions to increase the likelihood of users’ undivided attention, and thus, motivate them to change behavior and take action. The scenarios that will be specifically put into place for this purpose will be the first-of-its-kind and create a case study where this technology will be in good use for the patient/citizen leading to a win-win situation and sustainability.

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TRL6 - Technology demonstrated in relevant environment

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