Assisted Living – The BioAssist Platform

BioAssist possesses an integrated platform that enables the provision of independent living and vital signs monitoring services that incorporates a Personal Health Record (PHR) for its members. It includes applications for all involved parties (patients, relatives, agents, doctors, etc.), connects to end-user hardware (smart devices) for data collection, and supports state-of-the-art communication features, including videoconference functionality.

Patients are provided with a smartphone or tablet, with the BioAssist application pre-installed, as well as Bluetooth-enabled medical devices for measuring biosignals relevant to their condition (pulse oximeter, blood pressure meter, glucometer, spirometer, weighing scale, physical activity tracker). Each patient is supervised by a doctor enrolled in the platform and the doctor is capable of creating a personalized program for measurements and medication intake for the patient. The patient performs biosignal measurements on a daily basis, following the doctor’s instructions. Measurements are automatically transmitted to the BioAssist application and stored in the user’s EHR, which also includes information such as medical test results, medications, and allergies, and is accessible to their attending doctor.


Compliance with the program is enforced via reminders. The system processes the data related to the schedule in real-time and whenever a measurement exceeds a threshold that has been set by the attending doctor, the doctor is informed via a preselected communication channel (push notification, email, etc.) Meanwhile, they can receive weekly automatically generated reports on their patients’ status. The attending doctor can communicate with their patient, using the platform’s videoconferencing functionality. The patient can also share through the system with their relatives and friends, while contact is encouraged through the incorporation of social features in the application, such as photo and video sharing.

The BioAssist Platform exploits a number of state-the-art technologies and tools, including:

  • Web-based application with JavaScript front-end
  • Cloud based services
  • Push notifications
  • WebRTC video communication protocol
  • Bluetooth® enabled biosignal recording devices
  • Simple and user-friendly user interface
  • Specifically designed to provide the perfect balance of social and health care functionality for elderly people
  • Involvement of multiple stakeholders, including attending doctors, relatives, friends, Pharmacists, etc.
  • Modular architecture

In the frame of the project, the BioAssist mobile and web apps shall be used by end-users for:

  1. Collection of biosignals (i.e. oxygen saturation, BP, HR etc depending on the physician’s request)
  2. Tracking of sleep quality and activity
  3. Scheduled video teleconsultations
  4. Completion of online questionnaires by the patients
  5. Creation of personalized monitoring plans including reminders


The Platform’s main users are patients and healthcare professionals.

New Features and Development for the HEART Project

In order to fulfill the HEART project requirements, two new features were introduced on the BioAssist platform. The “HEART by BioAssist” platform’s new features include Online Questionnaires and Location-based services.


Online questionnaires functionality was developed as an additional feature in which the user has the ability to complete online questionnaires through the app. The feature has an automatic engine that calculates instantly the score (if any) of the questionnaire based on the users’ responses. The feature is available both for web applications and mobile applications.

Regarding the user’s location, it is recorded by the “HEART by BioAssist” mobile application running on the user’s smartphone using the phone’s integrated GPS module.

Location data are recorded and combined with other data coming from wearable devices. Moreover, Reminders and location-based features can be combined with the function of the questionnaire in order to collect the questionnaire data on time and on-site.


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