Feel Technology

The first emotion sensor and mental health advisor providing 24/7 ubiquitous, unobtrusive and objective monitoring and RT coaching to help people improve their emotional WB, provided by Sentio Labs.

Sentio has also announced a new program for Augmented Mental Health that uses a combination of evidence-based behavioral practices and Feel, the world’s first emotion sensor & mental health advisor to help people monitor and manage their emotional wellbeing to develop better coping skills towards greater mental health. The new program serves high-risk employees and members of insurance companies, as well as health plans and includes all of the following:

  • Continuous Emotion Tracking: Feel provides continuous, unobtrusive monitoring of the wearer’s emotional states and provides those data to the CBT expert in order to enable a data-driven therapy.
  • Real-time Support & Personalized Advice: Feel mobile application utilizes data from the wristband to provide real-time support and intervention. It contains multiple features for optimizing and improving mental health. These include an emotion-tracking calendar, a mood diary, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tools which are tailored to and shared with the wearer based on their tracked emotional states.
  • CBT Expert Therapist: Virtual short sessions with a CBT therapist augmented by the data provided by Feel’s emotion sensor.
  • Online Lessons: A series of online lessons about the program and its main features that outlines the essence and highlights the importance of the applied evidence-based techniques. Tutorials on the correct application of the tools and the exercises within the program.


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Sentio Labs

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Health, Technology


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