IMS – Integrated Modelling System

HEART’s methodology identifies the best proven individual concepts and technologies, based on the evidence extracted from the gathered data, enriches them with proper BGS, and then integrates them into a highly effectiveMulti-Functional(MF)system. Our methodology is based on a proven BGS approach developed in earlier projects: natural eco-systems, BG natural components incorporated into the urban fabric that are offering a range of Ecosystem Services (ESS), should protect people. The city population, exposed to direct permanent contact with nature becomes healthier, happier, more productive, less absent, and less conflicting; PH and WB significantly improved. Urban BGS has already been established to offer the following services:

  • Health-social-interaction and recreation facilities for both mental and physical health, positive emotional experience and sense of place, slow-tourism, etc.
  • ESS Provisioning functions-provision of clean air, crops, food, raw materials, etc.
  • ESS Regulating functions micro-climate, AQ, carbon sequestration and storage, water purification, soil quality, etc.

Therefore, HEART proposes the systematic integration between these ESS and the use of their MF components to interact with the citizens that will be clinically tested and followed. For that purpose, we will utilize city areas with well-developed BGS components. HEART will introduce a methodology for the assessment of PH and WB improvement and will use HCPM to identify existing and potential BGS to enhance the most relevant functions.

Technology owner

Imperial College London, ENPLUS

Country of origin

UK, Serbia

Field of Impact

Planning Technology


TRL6 - Technology demonstrated in relevant environment

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